Universal Goddess

The Universal Goddess forged in the fire, liberated and strong, feminine divine energy.

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Everyone says you must heal to grow. I believe this to be true. This type of healing requires more than a band-aid or temporary fix. No magic pill or one size fits all formula for this type of soul deep healing. Nothing compares to the liberation you will have after the healing begins. The commitment to yourself and your healing will lead you to a journey of massive proportions. You won’t be, think or feel the same. You will transform.

There was a time when I was afraid to face my darkness. That place in me that brought me heartache, shame, guilt and regret. The deep wounds that my ego made sure I remembered. Cold, dark and lonely. How do you heal that? How do you confront the place within you that festers with doubt and fear? Paralyzing you making you comfortable with settling to be less than what you were created to be. Restless and frustrated. A victim of life, not the creator of it.


I was there. Afraid of seeing the darkness in me. The road was lonely and full of struggle. With that struggle I have gained a sense of drive that is unwavering. A fire in you that cannot be extinguished. Your Soulfire.

It doesn’t have to be a journey of struggle for you. Let me be your guide.

I travelled the dark path, stood face to face with my demons and with forgiveness and love struck them down and quieted their voices. I have emerged the Goddess Warrior I was destined to be. Integrated with light and dark. Victorious. A beaming light of love. Forged in beautiful divine goddess energy. No longer afraid.


Healed those parts of me that cried out for love. Mind, body and soul.

It’s time to believe that you can be great. Until you believe I will believe for you

What will you get from working with me?

  • Healing and growth
  • Alignment to your vortex of creation
  • A sense of purpose
  • Knowledge of how to manifest your desires
  • Your beliefs aligned with your dreams
  • You will be motivated and driven.
  • You will know that you are on the right path and understand what you need to do to stay there.
  • You will be able to navigate the path that leads to your Destiny.
  • Your feminine divine self will rise above everything you were taught that you could not be.
  • You will conquer the odds and uplift not only yourself but those around you.

You are already an inspiration. You have taken steps to change to try something new to become a better you.Let’s begin your journey today


It’s time for transformation

Become a Universal Goddess today.

For your investment of $2295 (payment options available)

  • Soulfire sessions biweekly
  • Soulfire attnement and training
  • Usui Reiki attunement and training
  • Quan Yin Lavender Flame training 
  • Silver Violet Flame training and attunement
  • Essence healing attunement and training
  • Guru of You Series
  • Trusting Your Intuition mini-course
  • Moon Ritual mini-course
  • Divination tools and uses
  • Healing with crystal mini-course
  • Channeled & oracle readings weekly
  • How to channel your own readings
  • Access to me via messenger or email
  • 1:1 sessions weekly with me to unfold your potential and keep you motivated 

Start your healing here.

All of our journeys are different. I will design yours with you in mind. Intuitively progressing with ease and flow into the creation of your destiny.