Twilight Masters Course

Become a master of Usui Reiki and start a healing journey that will change your life.


(Listen to my podcast about Reiki and why I chose it broadcast on The Spiritual Voice)

With the Twilight Masters Self-paced course you will learn Reiki first so that your healing can begin. That is where we will dive into Spirit and uncover your gifts and higher calling. This is only the beginning of the major work we will do to harness the energy of your highest self and get you on the path to step into your role as a healer, guide and intuitive.

Since the beginning of time we have had proof that certain people have the ability to harness this energy and use it to heal others. Not just physically, but energetically and spiritually. What we weren’t told is that ANYONE can harness this light energy and start healing with Universal life force in others. Not only with touch but also through distance and through time and space as well.

You only need to be ready and the master will find you.


When you learn to harness this energy and become the channel for others to heal their lives your life is also changed in the most miraculous ways. Your journey will take you to places beyond what you ever imagined.

I will instruct you on how to perform healings as well as how to use your intuition and other gifts to live a healthier and more abundant life.

This is what you’ll learn via weekly emails.

  • Clear your home of negativity
  • Purify your food
  • Protect you children and yourself
  • Protect your vehicle when travelling
  • Protect contract and important documents
  • Crystals clearing and charging
  • Protect your computer and other electronics
  • Moon Rituals
  • Protect against Psychic attacks
  • Cut cords
  • Heal past lives
  • Chakra healing
  • How to use pendulums
  • Smudging
  • Spiritual cleansing
  • Send healing to disaster areas
  • Send love to others through distance
  • Connect with Angels and Archangels
  • Quit smoking
  • Weight loss
  • Tarot
  • Angel symbols 

It’s amazing all the things you will find the Universal energies can enhance


I am a certified Usui Reiki Master Teacher. I have been attuned to the angel symbols and Essence healing as well. I have performed more than 200 sessions and attunements. My techniques have helped people to move past trauma and fear, increased their intuitive gifts and aligned them  with their dreams.

I have tons of information on how to use Reiki and will share these tips and tools with you on a weekly basis. When you are ready you will have a free attunement after each level, which will energetically align you with Reiki.  All of this plus a certification.

Get started here for just $147.