The Goddess Realm


Invisible and lonely in a crowded room.

You’ve been invisible way too long.

Embrace the Goddess within and create your own Destiny

I see you. Struggling to find your way in the darkness. Climbing upward, bleeding hands and unchained heart. All is see is the light within you. Peace and flow. Perfectly imperfect.

Just a few years ago I felt invisible and stuck in a cycle of failure after failure. Lost and lonely even in a crowded room. Invisible. Blind to the guidance and lessons of each experience that was meant to propel me forward. I had to be cracked open to see. You feel like no one can know how you feel. No one understands. On the verge of giving up for good.

I am here. Just for you. You are my purpose.


I want to be the someone to you I needed so many years ago. That shoulder to lean on when the road is rough. A guiding light to guide you home. To your heart. To lead you there with love. To lead you to the light within you. Will you take my hand?  Let me show you the light that resides within you.

We aren’t taught that we are the center of our universe. That it takes us loving, caring and supporting ourselves first that leafs to happiness. We only know that to care as a woman is to care for others. To sacrifice our wants and needs to support another. Forgetting that this type of existence leafs to overwhelm, frustration and bitterness towards those we truly love. That type of sacrifice was never meant for us.


It is our birthright to be loved, to have our dreams come true and to be free. To live the life of bliss and grace. To exude with the vibration of love and light. All this begins with SELF. We can be all that we imagine. Everything lies within.

Join the Goddess Realm for $297/$99 monthly (upon request)

For 90 days of energy shifting and healing. For your investment you will receive.

  • Oracle or channeled readings weekly
  • Soulfire sessions weekly
  • 1:1 sessions for guidance biweekly
  • Spiritual mentoring
  • Guided meditations
  • Guru of You series

The light that shines in you is bright enough to heal the world. The healing starts with you. Once you complete this part of your journey living and caring for yourself and others won’t be a burden. It will be a gift. To your souls purpose. Once healed you will walk in bliss, spread joy and fulfill your every want and desire with ease.  Confident and strong.

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