Solo-preneur 101

Are you a new business owner?  Looking to run a business but not sure if you know how to get started?  Are you just interested in creating websites and playing on social media in a bigger way.  Start here… everything you need to know to run a business, the easier way.  With classes on the software, apps and programs you need to run everything from a website to a Youtube channel and more.  Learn what I do for my clients and myself. 

The Basics of the Basics

If you are just getting started it’s hard to know what to use to help you run your business smarter, not harder. Nothing worse than trying app after app, paying for useless software and webinars that leave you feeling like you know even less than you did before.  This time will be different.  Why? Because I know first hand what you are going through.  I have tried EVERYTHING and have failed so many times to hit the mark, but now I have a failsafe method of running your small business with a bit of ease in this stressful world.  You  started a business because you love doing what you do.  But this tech stuff is giving you a bit of grief, stress and regret. Come see what I use, learn step by step what you need to use.  And come away with the knowledge of setting up your very own website from scratch. 

What’s Included:

                                       – 8 Weeks of class (Held on Zoom)

                                       – Private Facebook Group                                       

                                       – Branding Basics and Why Branding is Important

                                       -Time Tracking – My Fav software and Why

                                       – Where do I put all this? – Storage and sharing of data

                                       – Marketing and Social Media Basics

                                       – WordPress 101 – How to Build a Site From Scratch

                                       – Access to my secret stash of files that help

Start 2021 Running Your Business Right!








If you aren’t the techie type and need help building your business click below.