Project Managment

As a business owner, project management can either be a curse or a blessing. Your projects need someone who can help from concept to planning to execution. As a project manager I take the lead on the work that made you want to throw your laptop out of the window. Contacting clients, hiring tech personnel, from start to finish I am the frontline support you want to make your business work for itself. Helping you, by making sure you don’t have to worry if your projects are getting done.



I don’t just manage the project, I manage the business, I analyze the business, I help you grow the business and I support you in all aspects to thrive and grow with every project, client, and hurdle you have. 

When you have a challenge, I am your solution. I provide you with the insights, experience, organization and project management to take your business or project to the next level. You don’t have to go it alone. With weekly or monthly meetings this allows us the time to talk about your goals, expectations and concerns. I will take the time to give you solutions to any issues that you have and make a timeline for when things will be completed. Along the way giving you an inside view of what I am working on and when, with close contact with me as I support you.

My clients aren’t just another project. They are my business partners.

When they grow we all succeed

I have multiple website projects that are in full swing with room to grow. Each one being handled as if it is the only project I have. The 2020 Resolutions Kept summit was a big hit and success to everyone. From speaker contact to graphics I handled it all. My clients tell me that don’t know how they would have done it all without me. And I are honored to have an opportunity to help others see success in their events and businesses.

From Webinars to Radio Shows, let me handle the logistics and tech so you can get back to doing what you do best! The Sovereign Self Radio Show is an ongoing project with live and prerecorded shows. I process the shows, send ecards to the guests and schedule posts to go out to social media before and on the date of the show.

more of my work

Full Website Build

From set up to launch and everything in between, I have your website needs in hand.  No matter if you need hosting or a domain I have got you covered.

Radio Show Management

From beginning to show time let me set up, schedule and assist you with hosting your own radio show.

High Quality Website

No matter your business model, expertise or experience, your website will be professional, user friendly and full of great content for your customers and clients. Community is key. I believe in uplifting those around me as I grow so do they. 

Music Website

Your voice brings music to the world. If music is your thing let me help you let your voice be heard. 

Let’s Get Started

 Let’s Build this Thing Together!