Organize your biz

From emails to organizing your gazillion files and data. Organization is key to working your business fluidly. If there is chaos and disorganization, you may find it hard to deliver service to your clients in the way you want. This part of being an entrepreneur can be daunting. Especially when business is booming and you are in the process of leveling up. Let me do the work for you. Get your files nice and neat and organize all those emails you’ve let get away from you. So you can get back to doing what you love.

If the last time you looked at your email you had over 200 unread emails? If you can’t find that email from Mr. Jones with all the information you needed to complete his project? It’s time to get organized. You are busy and just barely even checking your essential emails. How can you get them organized so you are missing a beat? Let me do the work for you. With your privacy in mind, to assist you and carrying on the daily work essential to you creating and showing up for your clients.

Nothing worse than not being able to find a file or a photo when you need it. It can ruin a business proposal or idea in a flash not being able to provide content you’ve created that is for sale. Let me do the work for you and get those files nice and tidy, in their own folders, nicely labeled so you know where everything is. So when you need something you can find it in a snap.

All services are prepaid unless I am working on a project with you. So you can choose how much time you would like to delegate to certain tasks that you send my way. From creating graphics, to organizing your business, you set the hours in advance. Once we know how much time we are working with you just simply send me the work. We will discuss timelines and due dates and any specifics for the work to be done, and I get started right away.