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Focused on the possibilities

Everything always falls apart. In the aftermath what are you left with? The shame, guilt and stress from letting it all go to waste again. You have given so much and still you feel used and unappreciated. No one seems to care. No one wordswag_1465515386896even seems to know you’re there. Crying in the dark. Praying for the answer to one question. “Why am I here?”

I remember that feeling so well. It was only a few years ago. I had no dream, no drive to bring change into my life. I feared big dreams. I told myself over and over, “I’ve never done anything in my life.” My motto was “If it’s gonna happen, it’s gonna happen to me.” And it did. Time after time my prophecies came true. I began to think I was nothing. I felt invisible. Disappointment and failure followed me like a shadow. I couldn’t understand why was my life playing out like this. What was wrong with me?

I know now. Nothing was ever wrong with me. I know that we all have everything we need right now to do the work and to become all we desire and have the life all of us so frantically work for. Without suffering, without a fight. We flow into it.


I was at my lowest, ready to walk away into the darkness and disappear. When my spirit spoke to me and said: “Change everything.” You have that same voice inside of you . Calling out to you ever so gently to start the change within you. But how?


Remember that childlike wonder for life you once had? Dreams of exotic lands and exciting adventures. It is time to believe in tjose things again. To do so you have to shift into the right energy. You have to set your soul on fire. Elevate your vibration. Equip yourself with all the love and gratitude you can find.


Take it from someone who felt like a failure, hexed and alone. You can create your reality. You can #changeeverything.

The tools I use will shift you into feeling:

  • Rejuvenated
  • Clear
  • Energetically aligned
  • Connected to the earth
  • Grounded
  • Opened intuition
  • Connection to Source energy

The road may seem long and hard, that my love is an illusion. Take a step towards your dreams. Be unafraid to walk into your journey. Confident and worthy.

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