About Me

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I was born in North Carolina a little tobacco town. I came from a family of teachers, lawmen and other amazing souls. I’ve always been a caregiver, best friend and confidante, to all of my friends, family and people in general. I was the nurturer of people and animals, without judgement. I’ve always thought and felt that there was a magical spiritual side to myself and our world. Eventually, however; I grew  up and left all that behind. 10957723_1408326272802504_3930984604346437918_n


I lost the child-like wonder, the dreamer, the artist and poet in me. The music that had played in my head all but vanished. My dreams..gone. I couldnt ever dream while i slept. I was an empty shell. The Universe would see fit for me to rediscover the fire within me. I had to get to know myself again, be my own best friend and love every single piece of me. Aligned with the Goddess within me.

The embodiment of everything divine and feminine. I became everything I never thought I’d be.



I am Tracey McFadden Usui Reiki Master Teacher, published auther, Universal Goddess, artist and spiritual guide.

I show women how to emerge from the shadows and claim an illuminated life. I help them embody and thrive in the Divine Feminine energy that lives and breathes within them. Together we unleash the Goddess within them and set their souls on fire.

This is my gift.

My reason.  And I couldn’t imagine anyone else I would like to lead there than you.